In this episode we talk a bunch about the gym and working out, we smash out some gym vocab some food and exercise vocab and a very useful app. ‘My Fitness Pal’ made by Under Armour. We also discuss using Netflix as a learning tool for Mandarin and getting your Peppa Pig on! Silly daddy pig. 53 episodes to go to hit the target! All of this is spoken in delightful Chinglish for your learning pleasure. Enjoy and….

Ai nimen!


– Cartoon
1. UP – 天外奇蹟(Tiān wài qí jī)
2. Lion King – 獅子王(Shīzi wáng)_
3. Finding Nemo & Finding Dory 海底總動員1 & 海底總動員2
(Hǎi dǐ zǒng dòng yuán 1 & Hǎi dǐ zǒng dòng yuán 2 )

– Taiwanese drama
1. Life plan A and B 荼靡 (Tú mí)
2. The fierce wife 犀利人妻 (Xī lì rén qī)
3. Close your eyes before it’s dark 天黑請閉眼 (Tiān hēi qǐng bì yǎn)