Who are Mandarin Monkey?

What do Mandarin Monkey do? 

We actually do many different things. Our main focus is providing free online video tutorials for those who want to learn Mandarin. We have a number of platforms, but our main one is currently YouTube. Or secondary focus is making audio based materials for the same purpose, to help people learn Mandarin. This is made up of a number of different audio options including audio books, podcasts and audio lessons. 

UPDATE: Recently more and more people have been listening and responding to our podcast so that has taken a front seat in our current production schedule. We now also do Hangouts where we will get up to four people (plus anyone else who wants to listen), set fun tasks and homework and try and make people speak as much Chinese as possible. We also now hold 1on1 private lessons for people ready, willing and motivated to learn. 

Why Should I buy your eBook?

What are you doing when you are not creating content?

Why don’t you just speak Mandarin all the time on the podcast?

We have to cater to many many different levels of Mandarin Chinese learner. From advanced all the way to just starting out. We found that if we freely discuss things in only Mandarin, starters of the language become frustrated because they cannot follow the conversation. We don’t want people to be turned off by frustration. So we use Chinglish to make sure that people of all levels are engaged and can follow the conversation.

Is the Podcast a lesson?

What’s on your Patreon? 

Another amazing question. Loads of Behind the Scenes videos at the moment and a number of private lessons once we build our patrons a bit more. example …

All located here