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Company information

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Mandarin Monkey is an online content creation/media company with an online teaching platform. Currently, specializing in teaching Mandarin. 

The business started in 2019. In November 2019, Darian Vela joined the team as developer (& CTO) and starter work on the iOS and Android app. 


  • Founded in August, 2019
  • HQ in Taichung, Taiwan
  • Chinese & English Podcast
  • YouTube Content Creators
  • 17k listens per month (podcast)
  • 6k subscribers (270+ pm) Youtube
  • 100k+ downloads in 2020
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Contact Us

We can be contacted through multiple avenues to discuss, collaborations, sponsorship, presentations, speaking events, live broadcasts or business opportunities. 



Alternatively, please use the contact form below.

Mandaboo Video Series and App.

We have been making videos for YouTube since 2016, but only since 2019 have we concentrated fully on experimenting with new ways to help people learn. 

Recently, we have made a game with play with our many group learners into a video series. Also, an App for both iOS and Android. 

App development for language learning is absolutely on the horizon for Mandarin Monkey and something we are busily making happen. 

Podcast Stats

The Podcast

The Mandarin Monkey Podcast has grown from a seedling in August 2018 with just 4006 listens to a decent sized sprout-ling with 50k listens in 2019. 

The mix of Chinese and English during the entire episode means that learners can follow the bits of the conversation they don’t understand in Chinese and stay within the conversation context. 

In 2020, we are looking to hit the 100k listens mark and upgrade our sprout to a sapling. 

We have an aggressive guest and collaboration plan for the podcast in the next six months.