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WOW! yesterday the pollution was bad here in Taichung and today it’s even worse. At the time of writing (and where I am located) the pollution level is in the red, its severe and its 159. check your location here -:


That’s in the severe section of the scale. A great article written on the effects of pollution on the human body here:http://www.theworldcounts.com/stories/How-Does-Pollution-Affect-Humans

In essence here are the main points -:

So what is Taiwan doing about the pollution problem?

The government to impose emission standards countrywide and industry emission checking. But part of me thinks they don’t really enforce it. There is a very relaxed view on enforcement here. In the UK, if you run a red light and the police are there, you are going to be getting pulled over and fined or having points put on your license. In Taiwan I have watched people run red lights as police watch them and nothing happens. I have seen police run red lights themselves, not in an emergency situation. no lights, no sirens. I would expect the government to also take the same relaxed stance with these ‘checks’.

Article here on standards. -:


I will say though, that electric scooters such as the Gogoro brand have been getting increasingly popular in Taiwan. I see maybe one in ten scooters are now electric. this is because the government will give financial aid to those who purchase an electric motorcycles. This is an appealing offer and to be fair the bikes are lovely look, quiet, clean and fun. Also Taiwan is planning to install 3000+ battery stations around the country with the view to increase this as time moves on. I have also heard that in certain cities they will be banning the selling of petrol scooters by 2022.

Very big fan of electric and solar future here. here’s to hoping. 🙂