What are the Hangouts all about? 

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What’s a Hangout?

We host 7 hangouts every weekend, including 2 book clubs, 2 topic discussion sessions, 1 video review and 2 chat&game sessions.

We believe fluency is what happens when you’re having fun.

The Mandarin Monkey Hangouts are an online Mandarin meetup to practice Mandarin conversation. It’s like having Mandarin language exchange buddies, only way more fun! 

What happens in the Hangouts? Mandarin group learning, Mandarin immersion, Mandarin vocabulary, and all the fun ways to learn Chinese you haven’t tried yet.

Every week, we get together to hone our skills with learners of all levels and Ula, our resident native speaker to play games, share inside jokes and get into all kinds of unexpected ways to learn together.


Ula is a native Mandarin speaker, Tom speaks English. Together, they’re unstoppable  and hilarious.

Beny hosts book club as well as topic discussion. Claire hosts video review and topic discusstion too. We have a variety of ways to practice your Mandarin speaking skill.

Level up your listening and speaking with conversations you’d encounter in the real world, with people who’ll keep you motivated to learn.

Practice Mandarin conversation skills in an immersive environment that’s essential to improving your confidence and conversational fluency.


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Get in tons of listening practice if you’re more the introvert type. 

No pressure, no judgements.

Put into practice what you’ve learned in the classroom. The topics are almost limitless, plus, we play games, share stories, and tell jokes you’ll never hear in class.

We hangout on Google Meet, so there are no software downloads or extra steps. You just show up and the Mandarin-learning magic ensues.

Let’s Hang Out This Weekend

We host 7 hangouts every weekend. Including 2 book clubs, 2 topic discussions, 1 video review and 2 chat times.

Taipei Time: 

Saturday: 09:00pm – 09:50pm

Saturday: 10:00pm – 10:50pm

Sunday: 08:30am – 09:20am

Sunday: 10:00am – 10:50am

Sunday: 10:00pm – 10:50pm

Monday: 01:00am – 01:50am

Monday: 05:00am – 05:50am