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The Mandarin Monkey intensive course is a fast-paced, 99.9% immersion-based, accelerated coaching, customized curriculum method to level up your Mandarin in just one month, led by pro-level teachers.

Instead of the usual set, text book based, look at the white board style course you have seen before, the Mandarin Monkey Intensive Mandarin course allows you to dig deep into the subjects you love. Talk about the things you WANT to talk about, and subjects that are relevant to you. You will have hours of talk time with a friendly native Mandarin Chinese speaking teacher who will guide you through how to hone your Mandarin skills. Vocabulary, grammar and writing will all be covered in this course.


  • Create your own curriculum to learn the Mandarin YOU need
  • Work 1:1 with a pro-level teacher using 99.9% Mandarin immersion
  • Completely customized class based on the skills YOU want to learn
  • Never any textbooks, just real-world Mandarin native speakers use daily
  • Two weeks to complete six 3 hour lessons, two 1 hour conversation & discussion sessions, one two hour presentation session PLUS homework.
If you wanted a way to knuckle down and get on top of your Mandarin skills. This is it. Is it intensive? YES. Will it be a challenge? YES. Will you come out the other end with a great deal more understanding and skill. ABSOLUTELY!
intensive mandarin course

Completing this course will help you:

Mandarin Monkey Mandarin Course

Who is the course for?

This course is for Lower intermediate and above students. You will have to know the basics of Mandarin in order to not become frustrated with the Mandarin emersion technique used in this course.  If you do not know how to say something, of course you may ask the teacher, but for your own growth its beneficial to be able to work your way around a sentence to try and get your meaning across a different way. 

If you are an advanced student this course is also a great choice for you, as the course is designed to drill deep into subjects you are interested in. 

Mandarin Monkey Mandarin Course

Learning Path

Explore your interests and create an article in your own time. Bring the article to the first session. Explore and discuss the article with your teacher , correct mistakes, talk about meanings and structure and how best to say things more like a native. Get the grammar right and make practice. Talk about technology, politics, culture, food, travel, life, relationships, news or whatever subjects interest you. Make it as relevant and personal as possible. 


HOMEWORK: Article creation and reference finding.

These 1 hour sessions are for conversation and discussion. They can be to work on your presentation, they can be to discuss the great holiday memories you had from last year, or just to catch up on some gossip. Use this time to wind down from the week. Pick your teachers brain and have a nice conversation.

The word ‘presentation’ sounds scary but don’t think of this session that way. You are going to be presenting what you have learned. The new words in your vocabulary and telling everyone what you have been discussing with your teacher. You will be presenting to a different teacher and perhaps to other students who are on the course. The teacher will ask questions about your subject. Then other students (if present) will talk you all through their presentations. You will need to ask a few question about theirs too. 

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