#MANDARIN MONKEY intensive course

Mandarin monkey intensive course

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Accelerated Mandarin fluency through immersion-based, personalized coaching at an intensive pace.

Learn Faster & Like Never Before

Mandarin on Steroids.
Learn more in less time with a pro by your side.

Personalized Coaching

Work one-on-one with a teacher in a 99.9% Mandarin environment.

Adapted Curriculum

Personalized lesson plans based on your goals and interests.

Advanced Speaking & Writing

Concentrate on the skills you need to maximize your time investment.

Real World Mandarin

Learn the Mandarin that native speakers actually use.

Intensive Focus

Tailored homework and deep learning sessions to build your progress quickly.

Accelerated Pace

Complete 6x 90 minute lessons within the course of a month to progress faster than you thought possible.


How Is This Course Different?

No Textbooks

You create the materials with your teacher

No Standard Mandarin

You only learn the Mandarin people actually use

One-on-One Coaching

Full support from your teacher 

0.1% English

Immersive environment 

Profound Mandarin Progress Is Fast Approaching

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This course is designed to rocketboost your Mandarin so you can:

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