Next-Level Mandarin Lessons

Learn with a unique, personalized system led by Mandarin pros, starting at less than $8 per lesson.

Mandarin From Day One

By using Chinglish, we’ll have you speaking Mandarin on the first lesson. Yup! No matter your level.

Customized Curriculum

Our teachers will create personalized lesson plans that are tailored to your level, learning style and fluency goals. 🙌🏽

Personalized Attention

With student-to-teacher ratios of 1:1 or 4:1, you get the interactive practice you need to boost your fluency and confidence.

Best Teachers Ever

You’ll love our teachers because we scoured the world for that unique combination of expertise, experience and personality.

Our Teachers

Meet the awesome Mandarin Monkey teachers

Su SU Mandarin Monkey Teacher

Su Yu-Jun

蘇郁鈞 (Susu 蘇蘇)

“If you want to learn Mandarin, just do it! We’ll do it together!”

Susu speaks English, Mandarin, German, and Taiwanese—although her grandma sometimes thinks her Taiwanese sounds funny. Susu’s cool with it though, because she knows you don’t have to be naturally talented at any language in order to become fluent. You just have to take the first step. Part teacher, part motivation coach, she loves finding new ways to encourage her students to keep on learning and improving!

shu qian mandarin monkey teachers

Shu Chien


“You never know where life will take you so why not give Mandarin a go?”

Shu Chien’s favorite part about teaching is helping her students achieve things they never thought possible. She speaks Mandarin, English, Japanese, Italian and Spanish.

Her philosophy is about seeing learning as an adventure and being open to where your Mandarin could take you. When she’s not teaching, she’s being the best foster pet mom ever to her friend’s dogs, Panther and Chocolate.

Ula Cain

Mandarin Monkey Host

“If it doesn’t go right, go left”

We all know Ula. Tri-lingual, speaking English, Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese. Mandarin Monkey Podcast co-host, Chinglish extraordinaire,  experienced teacher, Professional Mandaboo player, mother, horror movie lover and motivator. 

Amy Chen

“Learning a new language lets you  explore a totally different world.”

Amy’s love for exploring the world sparked her interest in languages. She speaks Mandarin, Taiwanese, English and Cantonese. Her teaching style can be summed up by the Chinese idiom “jiào xué xiāng zhǎng 教学相长,” which says teaching is as good for the teacher as for the student! Fun fact: she can also teach you a thing or two about fēng shuǐ 風水 and Chinese fortune telling. 

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