Next-Level Mandarin Lessons

Learn with a unique, personalized system led by Mandarin pros, starting at $11 per lesson.

Mandarin From Day One

By using Chinglish, we’ll have you speaking Mandarin on the first lesson. Yup! No matter your level.

Customized Curriculum

Our teachers will create personalized lesson plans that are tailored to your level, learning style and fluency goals. 🙌🏽

Personalized Attention

With student-to-teacher ratios of 1:1 or 4:1, you get the interactive practice you need to boost your fluency and confidence.

Best Teachers Ever

You’ll love our teachers because we scoured the world for that unique combination of expertise, experience and personality.

Our Teachers

Meet the awesome Mandarin Monkey teachers

Su SU Mandarin Monkey Teacher

Su Yu-Jun

蘇郁鈞 (Susu 蘇蘇)

“If you want to learn Mandarin, just start. Let’s start together!”

Part teacher, part motivational coach, Susu speaks English, Mandarin, German, and Taiwanese—although her grandma thinks her Taiwanese sounds a little funny. Susu’s cool with it though, because she knows you don’t need to be naturally talented (or perfect!) at any language to reach your fluency goals. You just need to take the first step. So, what are you waiting for?

cynthia Avatar mandarin monkey

Cynthia Wang


“Take a chance on yourself and you might surprise yourself.”

Have you ever learned something difficult, yet it felt easy? That’s the kind of teaching Cynthia is all about. If a complex Mandarin topic is getting you all tied up in knots, she loves jumping in and helping you untangle it, and then using it to play jump rope games. “Learning is fun” could be her motto although just like Nike, she doesn’t say it, she does it. 

clair lin mandarin monkey teacher

Claire Lin


“Learning Mandarin takes heart, love and patience.”

Being a psychology buff, Claire has an edge when it comes to understanding the mind of the student—which comes in handy when teaching Mandarin. Plus, patience is her middle name. (No, not literally.) She once raised a baby bird all the way from chick to full-fledged and feathered adult! With her nurturing approach to teaching, your Mandarin is sure to take flight, too.

Ula Cain


“If it doesn’t go right, go left”

In Ula’s world, learning Mandarin is never boring. Unexpectedly entertaining? Hilariously exhilarating? All at once difficult, funny and exciting? Yup. That’s more like it. She speaks English, Mandarin and Taiwanese, and when she’s not playing Mandaboo professionally, co-hosting the Mandarin Monkey podcast, being the #1 mom (officially), or adding to her list of already-seen horror movies, there’s no Mandarin challenge she won’t laugh at.  

Amy Chen


“Learning a new language is exploring a new world.”

Amy’s love for exploring the world sparked her interest in languages. She speaks Mandarin, Taiwanese, English and Cantonese. Her teaching style can be summed up by the Chinese idiom “jiào xué xiāng zhǎng 教学相长,” which says teaching is as good for the teacher as for the student! Fun fact: she’s also a fēng shuǐ and Chinese fortune telling pro.

Beny Laoshi Mandarin Monkey Teacher

Beny Hong


“The joy of teaching a language is sharing a culture.”

Beny is fluent in Taiwanese, Mandarin and Spanish. Her advice to her future students is to be like a joyful warrior. That takes bravery to make mistakes and tackle hard topics, being open-minded to try new ways to study, and squeezing more fun out of your Mandarin practice. Her teaching style taps into culture for a refreshing take on learning that isn’t all about grammar.


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