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wèi shénmē? I hear you scream.

Well because we have been super busy with a few things. firstly because we wanted to spend some more time with our children and family and secondly because we have been busy making, editing and upload videos and audio to various platforms.

Our main platform is obviously Youtube and we want to continue to provide value to all of our awesome subscribers on there. We also do audio in the form of podcasts and live streams for listeners on iTunes and all the other platforms.

We do, however, want to start to take our passion in a business direction as well. We already have a few (amazing) Patrons on Patreon who spoil us with their patronage (we really appreciate it, JC, Electric Cat & Jesse!). We are also chasing that elusive 4000 hours of watch time on Youtube.

Honestly, Youtube doesn’t pay much money, certainly not enough to do it full time. We started and continue you to make video simply because we enjoy it and we want to help people learn. It’s an honor to help people.

Will our new business direction effect the videos lessons on Youtube? NO.

Will it affect the podcast? NOPE

Will it affect the Whatsapp Group? NOT AT ALL. 

Can you still enjoy the Mandarin Monkey lessons you already enjoy for free on all the platforms? YUP. ABSOLUTELY. 

Will you still be making videos? Ummm, DAMN RIGHT WE WILL. WE LOVE IT!

So what are you doing then? 

Well thats a secret. But we promise it’s all happening very soon and you will be the first to know. We already have another book in the works and we want to turn the first phrase book into an audiobook for you to enjoy (freesies).

I can tell you what we are not doing. We are not opening a school and we don’t normally do 1on1 lessons except in rare cases so probably won’t be running down that avenue anytime soon.

But we are good at making media (audio and visual). So take that however you like.

So when will you be podcasting again? 

Great question, i’m glad you asked. We will be recording episode 17 this week! We actually half recorded it this past weekend, but due to unforeseen circumstances (Odin) we had to stop recording and continue this week.

What about your next eBook? 

Thats in the works right now, in fact we just finished the second draft of it and it will be going into the organization and artwork stages as of this week. It will contain a while lot more than the first, we estimate it to be 2x or 3x as much Mandarin goodness as the first. Will update when we have more on the ETA.

Keep learning & keep watching