Just a quick note to say Merry Christmas to anyone who is celebrating and a happy new year! oh and THANK YOU!

We started Mandarin Monkey in late 2016 with the premise of teaching Mandarin Chinese to as many people who would listen or watch as we could. From 2016 until now we have moved countries (again), juggled multiple jobs, moved house three or four times, started our youngest in Kindergarten and welcomed a new addition to our family.

Meanwhile, we have produced content on and off for the Mandarin learning community. We have met some lovely people both personally and digitally and hopefully helped a few people along the way with their journey into mastering another language. We never intend to make any money from Mandarin Monkey, only that we had a passion for teaching and we wanted to see if we could help. It has now gotten to a point where Mandarin Monkey could be a business and so we are looking into ways to make this what we do for a living instead of a side passion/hobby.

Juggling life and a Educational Youtube channel is a challenge, but an exciting one. We are also super grateful to have accrued the trust of 1600 people over the course of our beginning to whom we are eternally grateful, and while 1600 people isn’t “big” in the eyes of the larger Youtube world, it’s massive to us and we really appreciate it.

As we charge on into the future we will continue to make content for everybody of all levels to absorb. In the new year we want to start a more aggressive content release plan. We will be making and releasing several eBooks and audiobooks along with our regular podcast and live streams. We will also be making more ‘normal’ teaching videos for Youtube and several for other platforms as well. There is still a great deal to do, and a never ending stream of amazing learners who want to pick up Mandarin as their second or third language. We welcome you all.

Lastly, we want to give a shout out and big thank you to our PATRONS who have very kindly committed to helping us make better content for everyone else. Without them Mandarin Monkey isn’t possible. So, Thank you. JC, Electric Cat, Jesse, World Aviation HD & Elaine you are brilliant example of how awesome humans can be.


Love as always,

Tom & Ula. Mandarin Monkey.