Hi Everyone!

You all look amazing today! 🙂

We recently put out podcast #55 and on that talked about a change with some of our tiers on Patreon just wanted to explain why we did that.

We decided to take out a bunch of tiers because, frankly, it was over complicating things.

We had 2 chimpanzee tiers, one of which was a hangout tier and the other wasn’t. So we got rid of the one that wasn’t, because if someone would like to support what we do but don’t want to join the hangouts tamen keyi.

We also took out the King Kong tier ($250), the Monkees tier ($100) and the Capuchin ($2) tier. All because they were clogging up the pipes.

For the higher level tiers we really couldn’t offer anymore than we are. We already offer the most valuable thing for learning Chinese which is practice at the $10 level. 16 times a month.

BUT we left in the King Louie tier ($75) because we are offering something new. 1on1s. In the King Louie tier we decided to give 4 private lessons every month to members of that tier. Those members can also join the 16 hangouts if they wish to stretch even further and get everything else in all the other tiers.

In the future we may revise this again and would love your feedback on any future offering you feel would benefit you and your learning.

You are the hero

Thanks again to everyone who supports us, it means a great deal. You are the hero of this story, but every hero needs a guide, and if we can guide you to where you want to go, and hopefully get a few smiles, a few laughs and few friends along the way. We have done what we set out to do.

Have an awesome day everyone.

Ai Nimen.

Tom & Ula.