We have collected and answered the most asked questions over the last year about the Mandarin Chinese language and put them in a handy PDF for you. 

When do I use 的 de? or 得 de or 地?

How do I get started with learning Mandarin?

Can you learn Mandarin Chinese on your own?

We've added some Mnemonics!

mandarin monkey kong qi man

Fun Story - mnemonics Air (noun) - 空氣 kōngqì

Practising the ancient martial art of Kong Qi is something to be immensely proud of. You must summon the energy from within with a deep inward breath and hold the air in your lungs for as long as possible, then slowly release the air while stretching your arms palms facing outwards. The second breath of air is forced through your nose moving the ground beneath your feet. The third is gentle, an exhale of air through the mouth being one with the wind. Kong Qi the art of the air.

How do Chinese names work?

Can I learn Chinese in 5 minutes?

When do I need to use 嗎 / 吗 ma?



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