This is the home of the Mandarin Monkey. The monkey sits patiently up a tree waiting for casual passers by to glare up at its glorious face, and when they do, they are greeted with the soothing tones of Mandarin Chinese.

We are content creators for the Mandarin learning community and have been creating said content since early 2016. We make video, audio, ebooks, audiobooks and images to bolster your already amazing effort at learning the Mandarin language. 

How can you hear these tones? I hear you ask. Well that’s easy, you have a bunch of options. You can-:
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You can hear most, if not all of the monkeys content right here on Alternatively. You can go to our Youtube Channel. You could grab a look at our Twitter or Facebook page. The monkey will help you! Oh, you could also check out specific Patreon content too if you fancied.


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We hope to make this site a one stop shop for your Mandarin content. If you ever need help, just look up to that tree, and catch the monkeys eye.


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