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Join us on a journey to the next frontier of Mandarin learning—Chinglish. Leave everything you thought about how to learn Mandarin behind and let’s take your fluency to new heights. Fancy space suits optional.

The #1 Chinglish Podcast Out There

Our mission to bring Mandarin to all humankind started with one small step—a podcast that combines Chinese & English (Chinglish) to help you learn Mandarin the intuitive way. Listen and learn with stories and vocabulary. Hosted by Mandarin native-speaker Ula, and Tom, English native-speaker extraordinaire.

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klai210 via Apple Podcasts Designation

It is not a exaggeration to say this podcast has changed my life! Tom and Ula teach mandarin in such a witty, fun, and real way. My speaking and listening abilities have grown in leaps and bounds since I started listening to them. I also find myself laughing out loud all the time during their podcast which is highly therapeutic. As a spouse to a mandarin speaker I have also found their relationship and way of communicating with one another endearing, relatable, and normalizing. Thank you for bringing joy, fun, good advice to my life all while improving my Chinese, which has brought me closer to the people who matter most in my life. 谢谢Tom和Ula!!!

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Doctor DanGr via Apple Podcasts Designation

“I have been following these guys for a long time and love them so much. They are inviting and great to listen to, and you can tell that they are simply fabulous human beings. It’s so lovely to be taken along in a conversation with them and I am gaining real-life vocabulary as I go along!”

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Likes to cook :0) via Apple Podcasts Designation

The hosts speak both English and Chinese and make it super enjoyable to hear conversation in both languages as I’m learning Mandarin. They talk about everyday life topics about kids and parenting but also money and relationships. They give some new vocabulary each episode taken from a short story that’s repeated a couple times. They also interview people and those are fun too. I think the difference from other podcasts is the casual atmosphere for exposure to the language. Thanks you too!

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SoloPocono via Apple Podcasts Designation

Tom and Ula take us both through a learning journey of Mandarin Chinese; as well as their lives in Taiwan. Along with their frequent podcasts, they also have a more comprehensive course on YouTube and currently 2 ebooks with another on the way! They somehow keep up with these, an active, interactive social media community, blog/website, day jobs AND 2 children! If only I had half their energy and drive; I’d be much farther along in my own studies! Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find the Fountain of Youth. (But, I’m starting to wonder if it’s hiding on that beautiful island!) Tom and Ula also have an active Patreon to help them grow their business with hopes of doing Mandarin Monkey full-time. These two were obviously born to be teachers and keep their supporters and subscribers up-to-date on their plans and goals. JOIN US!

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Gao Jian via Apple Podcasts Designation

“Love the energy, and the joy these two bring to this podcast. Long-form episodes, hilarious intros, and wonderful topics and guests. 10 out of 5. Well done Tom and Ula!”

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Normal Guy Educational and Engaging

For me, this has been the best podcast for improving my conversational Chinese. It’s educational but is also entertaining enough to keep me coming back for more. Because of the light-hearted and humorous banter between them, Tom and Ula have a way of making even mundane topics interesting and engaging. Additionally, the new story and vocab section has been effective in making new vocabulary stick better.

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Improve your Mandarin listening and speaking skills, build your vocabulary through games (think the Chinglish version of Cards Against Humanity), learn useful slang and practice what you learn in the lessons, with no judgements. We saved you a spot! 😊

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We’re building a community to host the biggest Chinglish dinner parties ever around the galaxy (eventually!) For now, we’re committed to bringing you the best ways to learn Mandarin on Earth, including eBooks, PDF cheat sheets, podcast extras and other bonus content created by us, just for you.

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If you’re interested in accelerated Mandarin fluency through immersion-based, personalized coaching at an intensive pace, just hit the ENROLL button below to claim your spot.

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The Story So far...

The Beginning

Boy meets girl

Tom & Ula meet while teaching in a Taichung cram school. Teaching Mandarin and English. Neither speaking eithers language very well. Chinglish was born for them.


Taichung, Taiwan


YouTube Channel

After struggling for a year to understand each other but using Chinglish to communicate they create the Mandarin Money YouTube channel. To have some fun and to try and help others.


Taichung, Taiwan

Baby one

Kairi was born

Kairi was born in England in 2016. The first of three monkeys. The language journey continues with a little one learning both Mandarin and English simultaneously.


Reading, England


Mandarin Monkey Podcast

They turn their attention to their relationship and decide to sit down and talk. With a microphone. Patreon was created for anyone who likes and wanted to support.


Taichung, Taiwan

Baby two

Mason was born

Mason was born already naughty and causing trouble but very much loved. Mandarin Monkey was put on hold briefly for him to be cuddled a lot.


Reading, England


Mandarin Monkey Learning Platform

They decide to turn their passion into a business. Creating a learning platform to find awesome teachers for learners to find and speak to online. Using a Chinglish method they used to communicate. The creation of the MM community.


Taichung, Taiwan

Appy times

Start building an App

We start building 1 of 3 apps. Having to learn a new language in Flutter and meeting Darian (Nerd Monkey).


Taichung, Taiwan

Business +

Stepping it up

Mandarin Monkey Phrase and Grammar book, online lessons with multiple teachers, groups lessons, hangouts, eBooks and T-Shirts. The business is taken to the next level.


Taichung, Taiwan

Baby three

Max was born

Max was born in Taichung with no complications and already fluent in Mandarin and English.


Taichung, Taiwan

New Year

Stepping it Up Again

The birth of the podcast new story format, the intensive course, an awesome blog and email series, many improvements to the online learning and a lot more to come.


Taichung, Taiwan

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