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From the four corners of language learning, listening, speaking, reading and writing, speaking is the most expensive. So you should be sure you are getting something that fits the way you like to learn. For exactly this reason we give you two FREE lessons to try us out.

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At our core we are creative, passionate Mandarin Chinese teachers and content creators trying to make your learning journey fun through a variety of content types.

We love to teach and we love to be creative, when those two things come together you get a perfect mix. We have been where you are and know the struggles. We want to help solve that.

We have a long form podcast which has been running since 2018, a YouTube channel making various teaching videos, 2 books out and a host of other things.

We host Hangouts every week, we also hold private sessions at convenient times for you with native speaking MM chosen teachers. All lessons are held on Google Hangouts.

Study your way.

We create custom lessons based on your level and adapt based on your needs. 

If you prefer a structured walk-through of the language while speaking to native Mandarin teachers, that can happen.

If you are familiar with our podcasts, then you will understand our teaching style. It’s fun, high energy and eclectic. 

We teach both children and adults. We know that children can have limited attention spans when it comes to learning both in physical and digital environments. So we keep the children’s lessons to a manageable 25 minutes. 

While the adult lessons are 50 minutes in length. 

What people say?

You guys, I just want to thank you again for all your hard work and all you do. I am reading through the eBook and your work is excellent. The hang out chats are a really important piece to furthering my knowledge as well. The quality of what you do is overall is outstanding. I know this all takes a lot of work, so thanks.
Private lessons with Ula are truly so efficient and helpful. I love that they come prepared with lesson plans each week tailored to topics that I want to discuss and practice on. Their patience with helping me to understand words in the way I think is exceptional. I would highly recommend them!
Realtor, L.A
Your videos and podcasts are so helpful and entertaining. You make learning Chinese so much fun! But the experience of spending Sundays with you on the Google Hangout chat sessions is far beyond my expectations.
This is great, thank you so much! Great quality material - didn't expect it at all you guys must work 24/7 ! Your hard work will 一定 pay off long term! Thanks a mill
Accountant, IRELAND

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We use a website called Patreon to support the growth of Mandarin Monkey. We offer group language exchanges and private lessons as well as eBooks, behind the scenes, WhatsApp Group, Patron only videos, podcast transcripts and ANKI decks for you patronage. Your sacrifice does not go unrewarded. 

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Learn to write Chinese characters with Skritter, whether you have a strong grasp of written Chinese and want to remember the characters better or are a beginner who doesn’t know where to start.

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