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Mandarin Fluency Powered by Chinglish

Welcome to our jungle! You can start to learn Mandarin today the easy way by using Chinglish in your first lesson. If you are beginner, grab a free lesson and see how you feel. If you are intermediate, push yourself to the next level with our Intensive Mandarin Course. If you want friends to learn with and the support that comes with it, join our community and become a member. It’s all on you. 

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The #1 Chinglish Podcast.

Weekly vocab, story lessons, real-world

conversation. Half Chinese, half English so you

can learn and follow along.


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Mandarin for the Wild

Personalized Mandarin Lessons on Your Time

The Mandarin we teach lives in the wild, where it’s spoken by real people—not in a textbook. It’s real-world Mandarin for your world. Are you ready to answer the call?

Chinglish & Chill

Conversational Confidence Without the Stress

Improve your Mandarin listening and speaking skills, build your vocabulary through games (think the Chinglish version of Cards Against Humanity), learn useful slang and practice what you learn in the lessons, with no judgements. We saved you a spot! 😊

Join the Chinglish Community

Exclusive Bonus Content (Need We Say More?)

We’re building a community to host the biggest Chinglish dinner parties ever around the galaxy (eventually!) For now, we’re committed to bringing you the best ways to learn Mandarin on Earth, including eBooks, PDF cheat sheets, podcast extras and other bonus content created by us, just for you.

Intensive Course!

  • Create your own curriculum to learn the Mandarin YOU need
  • Work 1:1 with a pro-level teacher using 99.9% Mandarin immersion
  • Completely customized class based on the skills YOU want to learn
  • Never any textbooks, just real-world Mandarin native speakers use daily
  • Two weeks to complete six 3 hour lessons plus 2 discussion classes, a presentation and homework.


If you’re interested in accelerated Mandarin fluency through immersion-based, personalized coaching at an intensive pace, just hit the ENROLL button below to claim your spot.

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