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Who we are

At our core we are creative, passionate Chinese teachers and content creators trying to make your learning journey fun through a variety of content types. 

Why we are

We love to teach and we love to be creative, when those two things come together you get a perfect mix. We have been where you are and know the struggles. We want to help solve that. 

What we do

We have a long form podcast which has been running since 2018, a YouTube channel making various teaching videos, 2 books out and a host of other things. 

How it starts

We host Hangouts every week, we also hold private sessions at convenient times for you with native speaking MM chosen teachers. 


  • After purchase we will contact you via email with our easy to use online booking.
  • Sessions are 50-60 minutes
  • You will be speaking Mandarin Most if not all of the time!
  • Will include homework and assignments

1 Hour Private

$ 15 Per Lesson
  • Native Speaking Teacher
  • 1 Hour Lesson at your level
  • Level Check (In first session)
  • Homework

4x Privates

$ 55 a month
  • Native Speaking Teacher
  • 4x 1on1 private Chinese Lessons
  • Level Check & adaptive teaching
  • Homework and Curriculum
  • Conversation practice

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Listen to the podcast

Our long form podcast is a great tool for those people who want to brush up on their listening skills. Tom speaks mostly English and Ula speaks mostly Chinese. This will help you keep the context of the conversation and not get frustrated or bored too quickly. 

See what we do

We make new videos every single week. All our Podcasts are filmed, we also make short movies, straight teaching and skits. 

Our Store

Private Lessons, eBooks, T-shirts to stop people speaking English with you, accessories, Conversation packs and more…

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Become a patron!

We use a website called Patreon to support our growth. We offer group language exchanges and private lessons as well as eBooks, behind the scenes, WhatsApp Group, Patron only videos, podcast transcripts and ANKI decks for you patronage. Your sacrifice does not go unrewarded. 

What people say


Most frequent questions and answers

At the time of writing this there are two founding members, Tom and Ula Cain and a few freelance writers. Tom is British and Ula is Taiwanese.

In addition to Ula we also have one Taiwanese native teacher Amy who can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay and English. 

We have recently (Dec 2019) partnered with an App developer (Darian) who is working really hard with us to build out several exciting projects.

We actually do many different things. Our main focus is providing free online video tutorials for those who want to learn Mandarin. We have a number of platforms, but our main one is currently YouTube. Our secondary focus is making audio based materials for the same purpose, to help people learn Mandarin. This is made up of a number of different audio options including audio books, podcasts and audio lessons. 

UPDATE: Recently more and more people have been listening and responding to our podcast so that has taken a front seat in our current production schedule. We now also do Hangouts where we will get up to four people (plus anyone else who wants to listen), set fun tasks and homework and try and make people speak as much Chinese as possible. We also now hold 1on1 private lessons for people ready, willing and motivated to learn. 

We have to cater to many many different levels of Mandarin Chinese learner. From advanced all the way to just starting out. We found that if we freely discuss things in only Mandarin, starters of the language become frustrated because they cannot follow the conversation. We don’t want people to be turned off by frustration. So we use Chinglish to make sure that people of all levels are engaged and can follow the conversation.

The hangouts are 1+ hours of Chinese teaching and chat. We don’t like straight teaching and find it really dull so we like to do things like, use songs, work through the lyrics and understand context, take funny questions or movie scenes spoken in Chinese/Mandarin and translate them. We 90% of the time always end of a game of Chinese Taboo or Charades or anything else we can find that’s fun. 


The Hangouts occur 5 times every weekend. Each last 60+ minutes. Every hangout has a different goal, game or practice. 

We send an email out every week giving instructions on what you will need to bring to the next hangout. For example, this week we could be playing a story game where each ‘hangouteer’ tells a simple story and the others have to draw what they think the story is about. It always gets a laugh. 

All the Hangouts are taken place on Google Hangouts which doesn’t require any downloads and happens all inside your browser. Super easy. 


We use a site called Patreon to allow us to take payment for the Hangout sessions. We charge $10 per month for access to the hangouts.

Patreon is a crowd funding site for creators to be support by people who enjoy the content. 

All you need to do is click the button below and select the ‘Hangouts’ tier. 

55+ minute hangouts

Different games and fun every week

Every level of learner and all welcome

4 speakers per hangout (5 including us)

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