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A new way to level up your Mandarin listening skills with the Mandarin Monkey Podcast app. 

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A Huge Variety of Mandarin Listening Content!

Every week we add another Mandarin story to your library. You can see the transcripts and vocabulary of each one.  

We also upload several other episodes every week. Learn how to learn Mandarin with the Learner Journals, or fall to sleep with Sleep Mandarin in our WafflePod series. 

New content every week!


Ula & Irene host a MANDARIN ONLY podcast series covering a variety of topics. From make-up to work life. 

Learner Journals

Tom explores the depths of how people learn in a new series trying to uncover ‘the golden path’ to acquiring Mandarin. 

Mandarin Stories

Every week we produce a new original or traditional short story. We break it down and run through the vocabulary. 


Thought about learning Mandarin while you sleep? This is the answer. We Waffle you to a deep soothing sleep  using Mandarin and English. 


Special audio episodes and adventures from slang to 3d audio experiences. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Tap on the library icon at the bottom and then select ‘Stories’. From there, choose the story you wish to listen to. After Selecting a story, tap the panel at the bottom of the screen (it has an up arrow, play/pause button and progress/track slider bar) then scroll/pull up. 

There you will find, the story transcripts in multiple formats and the vocabulary of the story you are listening to. 

Every week we make, interview and create new content and deliver it directly to the app. We aim to build up an exhaustive library of Mandarin audio content to educate and entertain you during your learning journey. For all PRO users you will get access to that library of content for as long as your susbscription remains. 

We work hard to produce educational and entertaining content for your ears. You are paying to improve your Mandarin listening skills. 

You asolutely can keep listening on Spotify to the normal episodes of The Mandarin Monkey Podcast released once a week, every week. 

If you want access to the Mandarin stories & transcripts, Special episodes, All Mandarin series and Learner Journals you will need to download the Mandarin Monkey Podcast App. 

You absolutely can. There is currently a 7 day free trial (cancel at anytime) available for you to try out all of the libraries PRO content. No restrictions for 7 days. If you find it valuable, educational or at least entertaining you can continue your trial and subscribe. 

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