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The Mandarin Monkey Podcast is a Mandarin Chinese and English Edutainment podcast designed to entertain and educate. Tom (Native English speaker) and Ula (Native Mandarin Chinese speaker from Taiwan) discuss various topics from life to science, from movies to relationships. Also raising three multiracial children they discuss the challenges of raising bilingual children and with learning Mandarin, English and Taiwanese at home. The Mandarin Monkey podcast is a Chinglish (Chinese and English) podcast which also has a Mandarin story and vocabulary review session in every episode. Also, they have guests on the show from different backgrounds, linguists, authors, creators all the way to doctors. Hope you enjoy.

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We record video of the podcast and upload to YouTube every week as well as making sure it goes out on as many audio platforms as possible. We upload twice a week. Taiwan’s Monday and Friday every week and have done since 2018.