#66 -Pet Peeves & Family Traditions

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#66 -Pet Peeves & Family Traditions In this episode we discuss our pet peeves which happens to be quiet a lot. We also chat about nosy neighbors and noisy neighbors and which we would prefer and touch on the important subjects of family traditions. Remember the transcript to this podcast and the ANKI decks are […]

How to Learn Mandarin

How to Learn Mandarin There are many ways to learn a language and obviously it’s different strokes for different folks. You have a few types -: Auditory Visual Reading/writing Kinesthetic Auditory learners – will gain new skills through listening to podcasts, audiobooks or other forms of audio engagement. Preferring to HEAR what they want to […]

Brand vs Sales? (start up)

Our YouTube Channel has been going since 2016, and that has been, for the most part, part time. We only launched our first product on the market on February 4th 2019. AND only intend to concentrate on the business from August this year (once current work contract ends and we can go part time) So […]

Setting Up A Podcast

We have a podcast. It’s here -: iTunes and here -: Soundcloud This is the first, that we know of, Chinglish podcast where we speak in mixed English and Chinese throughout. We learn new words, discuss culture, current events, family and have a laugh.  How do you make one? Things you will need… A microphone […]