Zhōngwén From the Get-Go

When we moved in together, one of us spoke Mandarin, the other English (were we crazy?) By blending Chinese and English (Chinglish), we bridged our language gap and started using Chinglish with our students—with some surprising results!  

 Now we’re using the same method we learned ourselves to help people of all levels work their way to fluency.

Here’s why Chinglish works:

Chinglish is Instant

You don’t need endless drills or a big vocabulary to use Chinglish. With less holding you back, you can speak Mandarin from day one.

Chinglish is Intuitive

You’ll use everyday Mandarin inside English conversations, gaining a feel for Mandarin grammar and expanding your vocabulary naturally.

Chinglish is Stress-Free

Our method isn’t about perfect Mandarin, it’s about real, conversational Mandarin. You don’t have to worry about always getting it right, which oddly enough, helps you learn better!

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Learn Mandarin With a Community

You’re learning Mandarin so you can have real conversations with real people, right? At Mandarin Monkey, there’s a community just for that. People of all levels and interests to hang out with virtually and practice everything you learn in the lessons.

Mandarin Lessons That Are All About You

We believe everyone has their own style of learning, and that’s why our classes are never one size fits all. We also know that you learn better when you’re actually speaking Mandarin instead of just memorizing.

Personalized Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans aren’t created by algorithms or for a generic student. They’re customized to your level to keep you improving like only you can. 

Conversation Over Repetition

Your goal is to speak real-world Mandarin, not memorize words and phrases. In our lessons, you’ll be talking and not drilling, conversing and not memorizing.

Teachers That Get It

Our teachers speak multiple languages so they understand the unique challenges of learning Mandarin, and how to rise above them.