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I love audiobooks, and I have listened to a whole bunch, especially this year. These are not language specific, but they are life and business specific. Great motivational and entrepreneurial tomes.

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a Fuck – Mark Manson

An interesting take on how to prioritize your life and things you should and should care about. Basically, it’s a how to be happy book. And a good one. Some funny bits and some touching bits.

Lesson: Made me reconsider my life choices and what to take more notice of going forward.

I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons – Kevin Hart

This is the life story of the exceptionally famous stand up comedian Kevin Hart. His birth, early family life, early occupations, rise to fame, affairs, divorce and the life lessons he has learned from said activities.

Lesson: One of the major things that gripped me about this book, is hard graft. Working hard isn’t always the answer to everything though, thinking big, aiming high, shooting for the stars and working hard make the difference. For all his flaws, Kevin works damn hard for what he has achieved.

Shoe Dog – Phil Knight

The life story of the owner and creator of Nike. Great story, very interesting insight into his business. Nearly made me cry when spoke about his sons death. Very touching.

Lesson: Expect the unexpected. Your product has to mean something more than just the selling points.

Crushing It! – Gary Vaynerchuk. 

This is essentially a bunch of short testimonials of other business owners who have used the internet to become successful. Very interesting to learn about other business models and the work involved in gaining notoriety in their fields.

Lesson: Forget the money, learn to give first. Create value for your following and money will come. also how to use social media correctly and the level of work and time involved in being successful at it.

How to Be Like Walt – Pat Williams & Jim Denney

This is the life story of Walt Disney and what guiding principles he followed to be who he was. This is a telling of Walts life from birth to death and beyond, probably the most complete of any out there. Lacking some details from the business side and a little draggy, but great for motivation, if your work is in the creative arena.

Lesson: Always plus your products. Think of an idea, produce it, then add something else to it to make it better.

Cosmos – Carl Sagan

A look in physics, space and time. Even though this was written many years ago, it still holds up today with some very interesting ideas and stories. The book doesn’t go overboard with he scientific descriptions for the layman. Makes it manageable for the non scientist

Lesson: Be passionate about your subject, it’s contagious.

10x Rule – Grant Cardone

This book describes how best to be successful in whatever it is you set your sights on. If i’m totally honest this book has a lot of fluff, and the author says the same thing many times. BUT, saying that it still has some good points.

Lesson: Don’t compete, find your niche and dominate it. set your goals higher. work hard.

The 1-Page Marketing plan – Allan Dib 

A straight forward, well written and narrated marketing advice book. Gives practical advice for any business owner about how to do marketing. Very interesting.

Lesson: How to create a one page 9 stage marketing plan.

Total Recall – Arnold Schwarzenegger

The life story of the 7x mr Olympia, business owner, governor and actor. A long 23 hour recalling of his exceptional life including his affair and steroids. Very open and honest. refreshing and inspiring.

Lesson: If you want to win, work harder than the other guy. You will need to sacrifice things along the way, but you will hit your goal. Determination and perseverance.

Honorable mentions -:

Finding my Virginity – Richard Branson 

Unleash the Power Within – Tony Robbins (anything by Tony is pretty motivational)

Life and Laughing – Michael Mcintyre 

ULTIMATE LESSONS: Work harder than other people, find a niche and take over, have fun, don’t care about toxic people on the internet, life is short don’t waste it doing something you don’t enjoy, always give value first, stay hungry, always be passionate about your goals and science can explain most things. 🙂

If you haven’t listened or read these books. Do.


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