So we started doing hangouts…

We were mind mapping ways to engage and bring value to more people. We have seen this happen from other content creators in the education field but didn’t know how rewarding it was. 

We met with several of our Patrons online, twice on a Sunday and it was great to see people really absorb and gain value from something as simple as a face to face. 

The session was originally planned to just contain a self introduction and to speak about something you enjoy. Hobbies and such, but ended up being a friendly chat to get to know each other. 

It’s actually really great to meet a few of the people of watch or listen to what we do, because as a listener and watcher you know far more about them than they do about you. So it’s nice to meet some of the awesome characters from our listenership. 

We met Dan the juggler (actually in IT himself but can juggle) who wanted to learn Chinese because of a crazy unicycle dream, we had Lou who is a passionate learner from L.A trying to become conversational, Darian an IT tech who loves StarWars, always smiles and always tries. 

We have Shani from Israel and Elaine who is hopefully coming along to our next one this coming Sunday. Exited to meet and learn more. 

We have scheduled to do 2 Hangouts every Sunday. 8 times a month with 12 hour gaps to try and cover as many timezones as possible. One at 8:30-9:30am Taipei time and the other at 9-10pm Taipei time. 

Each of our hangouts have a topic for discussing. We are learning on the job as never having done these before, so will probably break people up into levels at a later stage if it gets more popular. Each hangout can have up to 10 people in it. 

The Patreon tier for the Hangout is here -:

Mandarin Monkey Patreon

It’s the CHIMPANZEE + HANGOUT tier. It’s $10 USD per month. That’s $1.25 per hangout. 2 a week! 

Would love for you to come and try! 

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