Being a content creator has its ups and downs as must any business. But unlike a shop/store where you would have limited stock, customers would come in, choose something and buy it, and if you didn’t have the item they may not. Youtube has a constant hunger for new and innovative content.

The commitment to starting and maintaining a YouTube channel is real. To make any real money you must find a niche and produce good quality content consistently. You must be actively involved in your community and have various means of making income off the back of the channel.

Getting to the required 4000 hours of watch-time and 1000 subscribers is just a matter of time. People don’t subscribe to one hit wonders. People subscribe to people and content they like. I know that sounds like common sense, but I have had conversations with people who seem to think if you have a one off viral hit with your cat saying ‘bu zhidao’ which gets a million hits, you will automatically get millions of subs. This won’t happen.

The top 1% of Youtube channels work relentlessly and produce content regularly, most every single day. PewdiePie makes a video every single day. Every single day. Even though he could retire right now.

when you find creators that make one a week, its always of very high production quality.

It’s so easy to give up if your first ten videos don’t get the attention you think they deserve. It’s easy to think that the YouTube algorithm hates you or has it in for you. It’s all a matter of persistence and the right topic at the right time.  

When I say at the right time, I am implying a little luck. BUT for the majority of ‘successful’ creators just producing good quality content on a regular basis will be enough to support a career on YouTube. 

A lot of the creators I have spoken to have also said that the majority of their income doesn’t come from the adverts on YouTube, but the peripherals they sell because of their channel. Courses, T-shirts, books, seminars, sponsors etc. It seems that with the rise of the ease of content creation the way of making money is also moving away from the advert model. Especially with the introduction of the ad-blocker. 

A browser based plug in that stops the pre roll adverts from appearing on YouTube videos. Not that consumers would mind but this is taking the income away from the channel creators.

The hardest thing about running a YouTube channel is the persistence. You are rewarded by the almighty algorithm by creating, constantly engaging content that keeps users ON YouTube for a s long as possible. If you don’t, you will live at the bottom of most lists and won’t be getting the exposure you need to start making money for a while or until you do.

Recently we got an email from YouTube to tell us that one of our videos had reached 10,000 views. A big win in our books, but a small one on the grander scale of things. 

What does that mean in monetary terms?

Not a lot. it builds over time, but considering that you make about a dollar per 1000 views, you can do the math. 🙂 

On a much more positive note we are loving creating new better quality content on our channel and continuing to explore new avenues within our remit. Recently started using games to teach help people learn Chinese and have considered starting a new channel just for that. 

Having a YouTube channel has had its ups and downs. But I would argue many more great moments than bad ones. We have many many more people who are supportive and appreciative of our efforts than the toxic negative people and for that we are eternally grateful. 

For now thats my rant over, but don’t think it’s the end. Far from it. I will be chronicling our successes and failures on here from now on. Whether its read or not. 🙂

Have a great day whatever you are doing anonymous internet peeps.