100th episode

The 100th Mandarin Monkey Podcast episode is coming up. 100 hours of Chinese and English

Start Up Stuff pt.1

So, if you are like me and enjoy reading about the super successful million or billionaire entrepreneurs that created something during the dot com boom and have now decided to write about their rise to the top. This isn’t going to be one of those. This is about the small stuff. The Start Up Stuff.  […]

Merry Christmas!

Hey everybody!  Disclaimer: this is not a Chinese/Mandarin or a business post.  Merry Christmas! We hope you have an awesome time! Hopefully showering in love and gifts.  This is a new and very exciting time for us. Not for business, but for family.  Our youngest (Mason) is one years old and our eldest (Kairi) is […]

I’m Worried

This is for the worriers, the anxious many hiding in plain sight. The go getters, who go get quietly until they achieve their goal, business, academic, parental or otherwise. 


會說另一種語言是真的很酷! 但是往往都只是三分鐘熱度。所以第一、你必須知道,你「為什麼」要學中文?  當初我學習英文,是因為我的幼稚園英文老師很漂亮,也很和藹,尤其是她的英文課非常的有趣,她常常鼓勵我說英文,玩遊戲時讓我對英文的口說更有自信。她算是我的【恩師】。所以我開始對英文非常有興趣,就開始一直學到現在。   再來,學習一種語言包含有聽力、口說、閱讀和寫作的技能。所以你想要專攻哪一個技能? 當我學英文學到國中,其實程度對我來說一直都是處在非常簡單的狀態,每次上課就是樂在其中,幾乎不用看書就可以考試滿分,對英文的態度就是很舒服和自在。但是後來讓我對英文改觀的人是當時補習班的外國老師們。他們讓我發現我其實對英文口說是非常害羞的。因為從幼稚園開始就是在玩遊戲學英文,所以認識了很多英文字,也懂得閱讀英文故事書籍。但從未真的開口使用英文。這時候,我才頓悟,我必須增進自己的口說能力。同時,因為身為學生的關係,每天在學校有考不完的試,所以基本上我的英文單字、文法、和閱讀技能都比別人優越。   後來到了大學,有了更多與外國老師對話的機會,但大多時間都是默默地聽老師上課,鮮少自己主動開口跟外師聊天或是回答問題。一直到有了到補習班教英文的機會,才開始告訴自己,不論如何,每天至少寫一篇日記,讀一篇英文文章,並和自己對話,說出文章的內容以及自己的心得。這時候,口說才慢慢地進步,也開始變得比較有自信一些。   所以,你想要專攻什麼技能呢?  在學習新語言都很多的階段,每個階段都會影響到你想學的技能。 或許,你是非常專注在語言考試上,所以聽、說、讀、寫四個技能必須同時進行學習。也或許,你只是想到以中文為母語的國家去旅行,所以你只想專注在最基本的口說能力。又或許,在旅遊的過程中,你想長居在這個國家,所以你又更需要會認字和寫字。不管是在哪個階段,都是必須為學習新語言付出努力和時間。   最後,也是最重要的,你怎麼讓自己隨時處在開心、有動力的心態中學習中文? 我喜歡聽英文歌,或是看英文影集,因為藉由這兩個休閒娛樂我還能學習到英文,又能聽懂或看懂英文,給我極大的成就感。你呢? 你的動機和喜歡的學習技巧是什麼?  

The Ebbs and Flows of YouTube

Being a content creator has its ups and downs as must any business. But unlike a shop/store where you would have limited stock, customers would come in, choose something and buy it, and if you didn’t have the item they may not. Youtube has a constant hunger for new and innovative content. The commitment to […]

How to Learn Mandarin

How to Learn Mandarin There are many ways to learn a language and obviously it’s different strokes for different folks. You have a few types -: Auditory Visual Reading/writing Kinesthetic Auditory learners – will gain new skills through listening to podcasts, audiobooks or other forms of audio engagement. Preferring to HEAR what they want to […]

The Countdown Begins (business)

The countdown to begin the business….begins.  So, the countdown has begun, we can already tell what it’s going to be like to break free (not completely) from the wheel of ‘working for the man’ and turning our attention on something we actually enjoy and care about.  In any business, and actually in life, no-one cares […]