Hey everybody! 

Disclaimer: this is not a Chinese/Mandarin or a business post. 

Merry Christmas! We hope you have an awesome time! Hopefully showering in love and gifts. 

This is a new and very exciting time for us. Not for business, but for family. 

Our youngest (Mason) is one years old and our eldest (Kairi) is three. Kairi is starting to come around to the idea that there is a special day called Christmas where she gets treats from a magical man who lives in a land of snow. 

Her amazement is such a wonderful thing, and it’s the first time we have really seen her connect with something that can be so magical for so many children (and adults alike). 

I always felt Christmas was wearing on me as the years went on. As I got older, the shifting between divorced parents and the effort we all had to make became tiresome. My sister would usually keep one of our parents company and I would the other.

Also, when my grandfather was alive, and I was much younger, we used to have big family meals, communal present opening and fun. Sure, there was spats and the odd drunken hoo-har but nothing that wouldn’t disappear after a few rounds of Trivial Pursuit. It was a time of togetherness, even if that togetherness meant arguments. 

Now we have our own little family the feeling of excitement is returning. 

As our little ones get wide eyed and excited it makes me feel like the meaning of Christmas (for me) is coming back to what it’s supposed to be. I think we have a while to wait before the big family gatherings and Trivial Pursuit but the joy we get from seeing them so excited is great. 

My sister who doesn’t yet have children recently asked me, why have children? I pondered for a moment, but Christmas is definitely one of them. Kids take up a lot of your time, they need constant stimulation and care, you sacrifice this knowingly when going into parenthood, but the time you lose not being able to go to the cinema when you want you gain some incredible moments. 

So, this year, for us, even though it’s only a little Christmas in our little apartment in Taiwan, we love it. And, we hope you love it too. 

Merry Christmas from us at Mandarin Monkey! 

Tom & Ula