Start Up Stuff pt.2

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MARKETING So there are a number of ways to market a product and certainly no golden goose, ultimate key or five easy steps to follow.  The only thing that we have learned is that people connect with stories. More specifically stories in which they are in and that they are the hero of.  The customer […]

Start Up Stuff pt.1

So, if you are like me and enjoy reading about the super successful million or billionaire entrepreneurs that created something during the dot com boom and have now decided to write about their rise to the top. This isn’t going to be one of those. This is about the small stuff. The Start Up Stuff.  […]

Merry Christmas!

Hey everybody!  Disclaimer: this is not a Chinese/Mandarin or a business post.  Merry Christmas! We hope you have an awesome time! Hopefully showering in love and gifts.  This is a new and very exciting time for us. Not for business, but for family.  Our youngest (Mason) is one years old and our eldest (Kairi) is […]

I’m Worried

This is for the worriers, the anxious many hiding in plain sight. The go getters, who go get quietly until they achieve their goal, business, academic, parental or otherwise. 

#66 -Pet Peeves & Family Traditions

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#66 -Pet Peeves & Family Traditions In this episode we discuss our pet peeves which happens to be quiet a lot. We also chat about nosy neighbors and noisy neighbors and which we would prefer and touch on the important subjects of family traditions. Remember the transcript to this podcast and the ANKI decks are […]

#64 – Future Proof, Annoying and You’re Ugly | Chinese English Podcast

#64 – Future Proof, Annoying and You’re Ugly | Chinese English Podcast This episode we discuss Proving to someone you are from the future, and that you are not insane which proves to be very difficult. Tom gives YouTube the eye. Memories from school. Speaking Chinese. A really angry Grinch and Gollum. All spoken in […]

How to Do Chinese Only Day

chinese only day

How To: Chinese Only Day This is a quick guide on how to do a Chinese only day. What’s a Chinese only day? I hear you scream. A Chinese only day is when you spend a whole day (or week/month) speaking in only Chinese / Mandarin. This will help your spoken level of the language […]

Tier Change on Patreon

Hi Everyone! You all look amazing today! 🙂 We recently put out podcast #55 and on that talked about a change with some of our tiers on Patreon just wanted to explain why we did that. We decided to take out a bunch of tiers because, frankly, it was over complicating things. We had 2 […]