Building a Mandarin Habit

Building a good routine while learning Chinese is key to gaining real results. Here are some of our Patrons routines to give you some ideas.

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blue and silver stetoscope

Doctors in Taiwan

Doctors in Taiwan came up today in todays podcast which made me think to write down what to expect if you ever visit Taiwan and have an unfortunate incident and need to see one.

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Mandarin Monkey course story two

Story Course – Story 2

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Mandarin Story Course

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mandaboo header image


The Story Behind Mandaboo The story behind the Mandaboo web-series and app development. By TOM CAIN We have started a new webseries called ‘Mandaboo’. We

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mandarin Monkey Tom and Ula

Staying Safe

Staying Safe in Taiwan What are we doing in Taiwan to prevent the spread of the Corona-virus Covid-19?  BY TOM CAIN At the time of

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