Speak. Listen. Learn

Mandaboo is an exciting mandarin Chinese speaking and listening game brought to you by Mandarin Monkey. 

mandaboo screen shot

How it works

Choose a Boo

Choose from Mandarin Monkeys own, native speakers or other Mandaboo players videos. From a long list of different categories. 

Start guessing

The book maker will speak only in Chinese and you have to guess what they are talking about. If you think you know, select the right answer!

Make your own

You can make your own boos! for the confident out there, you can create your own boos and have people guess them. Just select your word card. BUT don’t say the forbidden words! 

mandaboo screen shot
"Most importantly, we are Mandarin learners as well as app developers. We wanted to make a Mandarin Chinese speaking and listening app for those who (like us) want try and speak as much as possible AND improve their comprehension. It was a challenge and we are trying to constantly improve as we get feedback".
Darian Vela
Head of Development

"Great app for listening & speaking Chinese. Loads of fun.''

Cara Rozell