Mandarin Monkey Intensive Course

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The Mandarin Monkey Intensive Course. 2 weeks. 22 hours. Mandarin Chinese emersion. Six 3 hour deep dive sessions, two 1 hour open discussion and improvement sessions, one 2 hour presentation session plus every day homework.

This is an awesome investment in yourself and in your Mandarin learning. It is intense and it requires a lot of effort from your side. But anything that’s worth it does.

Look below for an easy to use time convertor and our teachers available times.

We will get as close to the preferred times as possible, as we also need to schedule with your teacher.


After purchase you will be able to download the introduction form. Please remember to fill out the questionnaire on that document so we can plan the best possible course for you. 


Please click here to see available time slots (Taipei Time)

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After purchasing we will be in contact via email to book your times. We will get as close to the preferred times as possible, as we also need to schedule with your teacher. But cannot guarantee an exact match but will get as close as possible. 


3 reviews for Mandarin Monkey Intensive Course

  1. Rasmus

    Absolutely fantastic! It was a lot of work, but i could see and feel, how my skills in forming sentences to convey meanings and feelings, not just short factual sentences, improved between every lesson. A big thank you to Mandarin Monkey and SuSu 老师 for an awesome course, can’t wait to find the time to do it again. 谢谢你们!

  2. Ashley

    This course was perfect! It really allowed me to stretch my Mandarin in ways I had never done before. Loved being able to get creative and find different ways to explain the topics that I liked to talk about. I really saw my Mandarin improve throughout this course and have since had a boost in confidence using my Mandarin in daily life. SuSu 老師 was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and I looked forward to every class with her knowing we would have a great time laughing and learning. Absolutely recommend this course to anyone that wants to see real improvement in a short amount of time. Thanks Mandarin Monkey team for the opportunity to go through this course and really improve my language skills!

  3. Steven (verified owner)

    Phenomenal. This course is literally what I needed to improve my Mandarin even further. The teachers on the Mandarin Monkey team is absolutely amazing. I had my concerns taking this intense course as IT IS actually intense. I was afraid my Mandarin wasn’t up to par. Don’t let that scare you, take this course. This course is what you may need to get over that Mandarin road block you may have. You won’t regret it, trust me!!

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