Start Up Stuff pt.2

Chinese learning hero

MARKETING So there are a number of ways to market a product and certainly no golden goose, ultimate key or five easy steps to follow.  The only thing that we have learned is that people connect with stories. More specifically stories in which they are in and that they are the hero of.  The customer […]

Start Up Stuff pt.1

So, if you are like me and enjoy reading about the super successful million or billionaire entrepreneurs that created something during the dot com boom and have now decided to write about their rise to the top. This isn’t going to be one of those. This is about the small stuff. The Start Up Stuff.  […]

I’m Worried

This is for the worriers, the anxious many hiding in plain sight. The go getters, who go get quietly until they achieve their goal, business, academic, parental or otherwise. 

The Countdown Begins (business)

The countdown to begin the business….begins.  So, the countdown has begun, we can already tell what it’s going to be like to break free (not completely) from the wheel of ‘working for the man’ and turning our attention on something we actually enjoy and care about.  In any business, and actually in life, no-one cares […]

Brand vs Sales? (start up)

Our YouTube Channel has been going since 2016, and that has been, for the most part, part time. We only launched our first product on the market on February 4th 2019. AND only intend to concentrate on the business from August this year (once current work contract ends and we can go part time) So […]

Building a Youtube Channel & Business

As you may or may not know, we have a YouTube channel, of which we are rather proud of.  We are proud because of how difficult it has been to be persistent and to innovate with our content.  We are still finding our feet a couple of years later.  Mandarin Monkey YouTube Channel THE BEGINNING […]