I’m Worried. 

I’m worried that when it comes to crunch time our business might not make it. I’m worried that we won’t be quick enough in doing what we have to do to be the best. I’m worried that the feeling I get down deep inside of future glory might be pie in the sky, and that pie isn’t as delicious as I dream it to be. 

We want to start so many things. We don’t want to use not having time as an excuse not to execute our ideas. 

This is for the worriers, the anxious many hiding in plain sight. The go getters, who go get quietly until they achieve their goal, business, academic, parental or otherwise. 

Let us remember that our time is precious and that if the past is anything to go by we have a solid foundation to believe we can do it, no matter the goal. 

Let us emulate the confident few who march on regardless of perceived failures. Remembering those who have gone before us. Those who gave up at the first hurdle or the second. It doesn’t matter if I keep falling over, I’ve got a good pair of running shoes and my eyes on the finish tape.

Let me remember those people closest to me and that whenever they fall down in life or do something bad, I still love them, help them up and see the best in them. 

Let me realize that the one negative comment or review isn’t a reflection of our failing but a reflection of that persons sadness and isn’t in our control. And when we receive critique on content or products let us know that there are delicious nuggets of improvement in there somewhere, you just have to chew through the fat. 

Success wears so many different hats for so many people, ours is wearing a dôulì 斗笠 which is a traditional farmers hat here in Taiwan. The ones you see in your mind when you picture an asian farmer working in a rice paddy. Our success hat, will only be taken off once the paddy is cleared of all the idea rice, and there is so much idea rice to pick. 

There is never going to be a right time, the right time is right now, so we say when things don’t go right, go left and if you have to go around the block a few times, do that, you might learn something. 

and let us enjoy the journey, the destination is never as satisfying as the dream. 



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