Doctors in Taiwan

blue and silver stetoscope

Doctors in Taiwan came up today in todays podcast which made me think to write down what to expect if you ever visit Taiwan and have an unfortunate incident and need to see one.

Story Course – Story 2

Mandarin Monkey course story two

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100th episode

The 100th Mandarin Monkey Podcast episode is coming up. 100 hours of Chinese and English

Being Realistic About Language

Being Realistic About Language Let’s be realistic about learning a language shall we. And this post is not meant to smash your dreams, but like anything you need to work hard to learn any language. This takes time. There is no quick fix to learning a language. Much like getting a six pack or building […]

20 Ways to Find Happiness

Chasing Happy I realize that ‘happiness’ is subjective but there seem to be recordable traits of people of are generally more ‘happy’ than others. Some of which are pretty easy to follow. I for one, am ‘happy’. The major reason for this is, although I have ambition and am motivated by that ambition I am […]

Downhill but not down and out in an ever changing world…..

  2 minute read So you’re a bloke and you’ve done the career stuff for better or for worse, you’ve gone around the track a few times with romance and maybe marriage and divorce and with a bit of luck (on a good day) maybe children. Now we are not rich but okay and we […]

Word Association

So, I have mentioned this before in another post, but I remember Chinese words by attaching a funny word and image association with them. In this post I am going to give you a few examples that might help you start to remember words that you are struggling with. During our last Phrase book walkthrough […]

Remembering Vocab

2 minute read Remembering vocabulary in any language can be a challenge. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how ‘smart’ you are, anyone can remember anything with the right technique. I don’t believe there is a ‘bad memory’ only someone who hasn’t found the best way for them to remember. We discussed a […]