Mandarin Monkey Podcast One Hundredth Episode

We are coming dangerously close to the 100th episode of the Mandarin Monkey Podcast.

This makes me both excited and hugely proud. 

Amid all the fear and concern surrounding the outbreak of Covid-19 (CoronaVirus) and being stuck inside for a while we have a little more time to concentrate of the Podcast. 

Where We Have Been

We started the Mandarin Monkey Podcast in 2018 with 4006 ‘listens’ after starting in late August.

In 2019 we managed to get 49,304 listens, making 80 or so episodes. 

In 2020, and at the time of writing (March) we are at 20,008 and have our sights set on breaking the 2019 record. 

the latest episode can found here

Where We Are Going

We have a current target of 168 episodes. Which would mean 7 full days of beautiful Mandarin and English podcasting. 

We would like to break the 100,000 listens mark this year. Doubling our previous year. 

We would love to make the podcast a permanent feature of what we do, and I suppose it already kind of is. But we currently do it for free. Looking for sponsors is definitely something we are interested in doing. 

What Are We Going To Do?

For the one hundredth Mandarin Monkey Podcast episode we will be talking about our patrons and who they are a little. We will be speaking about whatever comes to mind at the time and answering questions. 

We will be live streaming the episode on YouTube and maybe Facebook technology depending. 

Oh and we are going to be doing that while chewing 41 pieces of chewing gum. This number represents the 41 patrons we have. 


Should be fun! Hopefully see you there!