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High 5 Friday

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What’s High Five Friday?

It’s a lot like a box of chocolates, except you always know what you’re going to get (sweet, right?):

1. A summary of our latest blog

A one-sentence roundup of our most recent musings on Mandarin, learning, life (and life learning Mandarin.)


2. The top 5 actionable takeaways from the podcast

Handy wisdom from the podcast distilled into 5 bite-size ideas you can use to optimize your learning.

3. Our favorite moment from the Hangouts

A funny or insightful tidbit that stuck to us from the Hangouts. It could be a joke, an interesting thought, “aha!” moment, lol moment (or even an awkward moment). It’ll be a surprise (!) every week.

4. A random vocabulary word or phrase

You sit back, vocabulary comes to you.

5. A question from us

Because we’re super-excited to get to know you.

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